EUMC – Perceptions of Discrimination and Islamophobia; Voices from Members of Muslim Communities in the European Union

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Evidence gathered by the EUMC over the last few years indicates that since the  September 11 attacks on New York and Washington in 2001, European Muslims have been seriously affected by an increasingly hostile social climate. Subsequent incidents, such as the murder of the Dutch film director Theo van Gogh and the Madrid and London bombings further exacerbated prejudices and fuelled more incidents of hostility and aggression. Therefore the EUMC asked the 25 National Focal Points of its Racism and Xenophobia European Information Network (RAXEN) to collect information on the circumstances of Muslims, including information on Islamophobic incidents and crimes. This material has been combined with information from other sources to produce the EUMC report “Muslims in the European Union - Discrimination and Islamophobia”, which is published simultaneously.

EUMC - Perceptions of Discrimination and Islamophobia

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